David Nathan Schwartz

 I'm David Nathan Schwartz. I look like your average  accountant  or school teacher but also the guy who you didn't suspect had a screw or two loose ( Until they caught me with the wood chipper and the bodies that is). I act, direct, teach and write. I've performed Shakespeare in Los Angeles to thousands and acted and directed plays across the country.  For almost two decades I taught at the prestigious Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and many of my students continue to work in the entertainment industry.

In my mid thirties I was  felled by a brain tumor and lost the use of his voice for a year. During recovery and therapy I wrote an award winning solo comedic play about the ordeal, “My Brain Tumor: A Mind Expanding Comedy” and  have performed the play and spoken at Theaters and Medical Schools across the nation including, Keck USC Medical School, Eastern Tennessee State University, "Her Hearts Wish" in Pennsylvania and other venues including schools, prisons and support groups. There's other stuff, read my resume or ask, I''ll tell you about it.